Friday, October 30, 2009


On Tuesday, November 3rd, an extremely important and unique runoff “election” will take place for the District 2 seat on the Wake County School Board. I put the word ‘election’ in quotation marks because it’s hard for me to call it that. When candidates were voted on in October, John Tedesco received 49.4% of the votes, about 40 short of being declared the outright winner in District 2. The other two candidates split the remaining 50.6% of the votes. Cathy Truitt, in distant second place, called for a runoff. A few days later she decided to withdraw her name, and even publicly endorsed Mr. Tedesco.

But…according to the State Board of Elections, the vote must still take place, because Ms. Truitt’s name is already on the ballot. So even though she cannot “win”, people can still vote for her! And – here’s the catch – if Cathy Truitt’s name gets more votes that John Tedesco, the current Wake County School Board will fill the seat with anyone they so choose. I hardly call that a fair “election”.

Much “to do” has been made over the fact that some of the new board members are opposed to certain controversial policies that the current board implemented. Because they have dared question these policies, and even mentioned the possibility of looking at changes, some groups and individuals have already incriminated these new members before they have even taken office! Certain media has down-played data showing that academic improvement among certain student groups has not taken place. Their “spin” has fanned the fires, creating false accusations that many who favor more parental say-so for ALL families are anti-diversity and pro-segregation. Absurd!

Now, certain groups are willing to pull out all stops to ensure that John Tedesco does not receive the required 50% of the votes this-coming Tuesday. Mr. Tedesco has consistently been very open about his concern for all students of Wake County, and has vowed to do his best to see that individual needs are met. Opponents want the current board to be able to appoint the next new member, meaning that the “status quo” majority would more than likely remain in control.

How very sad that the election of school board members has turned into a political game, with our children as the pawns. To ensure a fair outcome to all of this, please take the time to vote on Tuesday if you live in District 2. And whether you live in District 2 or not, please spread the word to friends and acquaintances who reside there. Urge them to vote for a real person, not just a name on a ballot of someone who has withdrawn from the race, because that’s a vote for an unknown.

Don’t know where District 2 is? See map here


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