Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Critical Vote at Today’s School Board Meeting

Please pray that wisdom and civility will rule at the Wake County School Board meeting today. A final vote (seems like there have been a hundred votes already!) is slated to be made on the proposal to give parents more say-so in where their children go to school by cutting back on large-scale forced busing. Four of the five school board members who favor such a plan were elected last fall to carry out that very goal.

The most vocal opponents of the plan are going all out to try and stop it ( lawsuits, etc.) so don’t be surprised if today’s meeting erupts into another volatile display of emotions.

The regular board meeting starts at 3:00, and is usually streamed live on WRAL. Check their website at www.wral.com to see and hear for yourself what is happening.

You can also check there (or at www.newsobserver.com) for media reports of the NAACP diversity rally that took place last night.


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