Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anger Management

Good grief – when will all of the childishness and ugliness end?? Jennifer Lanane, president of the Wake County NCAE, sent out a blistering email to members of the teachers’ organization, attacking newly-elected school board members who have not even taken office yet! Angry about rumors of doing away with early Wednesday dismissals, Lanane urged NCAE members to contact the 4 new board members in a show of support for keeping the Wednesday PLT (Professional Learning Team) time. She said the new board was "throwing teachers and students under the bus so that they can show how powerful they are…They don't care about children and it [is] now clear that they don't care about teachers...WE HAVE [to] PLANT OUR FLAG IN THE SAND HERE AND NOW.” After Deborah Prickett exposed the email to the public, and wrote her own letter to the NCAE, Lanane sent a letter of apology to Prickett and the 3 other new school board members. She admitted writing the email in a moment of anger, declaring that it was only a draft, never meant to be sent as written. To see copies of all three pieces of correspondence, check out Keung Hui’s N&O blog here:


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