Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Another reminder about the MEETING tomorrow morning (see previous posting) - this from a parent opposed to the forcing of year-round schools-----


"To All,

If you are affected by MYR or reassignment, please attend the County
Commissioner's work session on December 20th from 9 to 12. This will
be one of the few chances you will get to see and hear what WCPSS
staff will brief the county commissioners on regarding school
conversion and what questions the CC's ask. One of the main goals
for this reassignment plan is to shuffle kids around to handle the
and MYR is NOT NEEDED! Our presence will show the CCs and WCPSS that
we are not going to sit back and take this quietly. Let's demand
that the county commissions' (who,we voted for, and have stated
publicly - they are all against MYR) get answers as to why parent
have `No' choice in their children's education in Wake County. Why
some children are being bussed to MYR schools across town
for "continuity". If the WCPSS staff dodges the hard questions – we
must ask the commissioners to withhold the "advance" funds for
MYR/reassignment that the BOE has asked them to vote on January 8th.
Please make arrangements to attend. Tell everyone you can to attend –
this is important and one of our last options to stop this.


Friday, December 15, 2006


Please, please try to show up at this meeting (see below) on WEDNESDAY. It is important that we hear first-hand what the WCPSS Administration is telling County Commissioners about mandatory year-round school attendance. It is vital that citizens pack this meeting room to show that they are not giving up! It is my understanding that County Commissioners can at least control when the bond money is dispersed. WCPSS wants an advance on some of the funds so they can jump right in with their MYR plans. The longer we have to try to change things, the better!

From the N&O | Wake Ed Blog -
"Gurley said commissioners will get a briefing Wednesday from school
staff on how the district is handling the year-round conversions,
including what options will be given to families who want to stay on
a traditional calendar. The work session will begin at 9 a.m. in the
Wake County Office Building, 337 South Salisbury Street in downtown
Raleigh. It's being held in lieu of the originally scheduled joint
meeting with the school board."

Friday, December 08, 2006


The details of the new reassignment proposal by the WCPSS were released today at 5:00. Here's a link to that posting on the WCPSS website. This is all unbelievable.......

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Incredible (Literally) Quote From Michael Evans

This quote from Wake County Public School System's Michael Evans sounded completely different from what we've seen in practice here in Wake County for decades:

"The core of the student assignment plan is not free/reduced lunch, it's not ethnicity, it's growth and how do we keep our schools from being totally overrun," said Wake County Schools spokesman Michael Evans.

So, I looked it up on wcpss.net.  Perhaps he has not seen this page lately, which contains this item in the list of student assignment criteria:

"Appropriate and reasonable diversity (WCPSS's goal is that individual schools reflect a free and reduced lunch ratio no greater than 40% of its student population and an achievement level of less than 25% of students below grade level)"