Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Just When You Think Things Can’t Get Any Crazier…

I can’t keep up with everything! It was just a week ago that our new school board members voted in some important changes to Wake’s reassignment policies, including the real possibility of converting some of the MYR schools back to a traditional schedule. Yes, I’m excited about that! THEN – yesterday, Tony Gurley was elected as the new chairman of the Wake County Commissioners, replacing Harold Webb, who is recovering from a stroke. It’s the way it all happened that is so unbelievable. With a 3 – 3 breakdown now along party lines (sadly, it comes down to that), you can imagine the difficulty in getting anything controversial to pass! Apparently (I wasn’t there, mind you), Mr. Gurley was elected when Commissioner Betty Lou Ward left the room to take a bathroom break. Here’s the story as N&O reporter Keung Hui blogged it:


It gets better (or worse, depending on your take). A dead-lock over who would be vice-chair finally ended at 2:15 AM, after at least 8 hours of just sitting there and voting over and over every 5 or 10 minutes on whether Betty Lou Ward or Paul Coble should take that position. Apparently they will pick up the issue again on Wednesday morning, voting 5 – 1 to do so after Commissioner Stan Norwalk indicated at 2 in the morning that he was overdue for his shot of insulin. I kid you not! What will be next??  :^)


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